Samsung vs KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel Appliances

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Samsung vs KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel Appliances

Samsung vs KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel Appliances
Samsung vs KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel Appliances


Long are the days when Almond, Avocado, Bisque, and Off-White were the conventional choices for finishes on appliances. Stainless Steel made its introduction in the 1990s and since that time, it has been the preferred choice of finishes in over 90% of the modern upscale kitchens.

Offered in most tiers, from very basic to luxurious, stainless is here to stay. However, that hasn’t stopped manufacturers and their attempts, in attempting to tap into something new. With that, we welcome Black Stainless Steel.

Over the past year, brands such as KitchenAid, Samsung, Frigidaire, and LG have established their brand new line-up of Black Stainless Steel Appliances with the potential of other brands to potentially follow.

These brands have set themselves out to be the beta testers within this new class. Given the prevalence of stainless steel, the other brands can sit on the sidelines waiting to see what the future sales and popularity thereof may be, prior to them diving in head first.

Since its launch, it has been hard to compete with stainless steel since it provides a very professional appearance that blends in very well with roughly every potential décor conceivable. Black Stainless can also match and possibly be the different finish you might like.


Black Stainless

Black Stainless
Black Stainless

Replacement – In the Event the Prevalence of Black Stainless Steel declines (or never takes off) and production of that end also slows down, you will also want to keep in mind what the replacement chances would be like in the future.

Just a few select brands have offered limited choices in these endings and the same may be true for black stainless. In 6-10 years you may not have the ability to match your current appliances, unless black stainless is becoming more accepted.

Scratching – Black Stainless is an anodized coating. In scratch tests, we’ve discovered that the top With that, a scrape on black Stainless steel would appear a lot more visible than a scratch on standard Stainless steel. When selecting your finish, keep this in mind. Scratching is One of those things that will most likely happen at some stage – it is inevitable.

Samsung Black Stainless Steel vs KitchenAid

The following is a comparison between the Samsung and KitchenAid brands:



Samsung is a total consumer brand. They’re very well diversified in the market and well known for all that they producer, which of course isn’t confined to just appliances. Samsung provides two separate appliance product lines, the Chef Collection along with the standard Samsung Series.

With respect to their Electronics, they are based out of South Korea. Samsung has been under current firing, with a few Galaxy Phone difficulties and issues with some top-load washers but given the amount that this brand offers and manufacturers, they’ve respectively considered a reputable brand with business better than average support ratings. (To learn more: Why Is Samsung Reliable?)

Samsung appliances are manufactured in several of states in Asia and Eastern Europe.

The next is a Dark Stainless Steel Package Comparison to similar items for both brands.


Samsung 4-piece Kitchen Package:

Gas Range – NX58J5600SG – $999

Gas Range - NX58J5600SG
Gas Range – NX58J5600SG

Cooking Ability, convenience, and effectiveness come together within this Stainless steel gas stove. The cooktop offers five specialized burners for the ultimate in flexibility. It also includes a stovetop griddle customized to fit the center oval burner.

Cook food faster and more evenly using a heated lover system that is Terrific for baking and broiling. Temperature is spread thoroughly so food cooks evenly.

A 5.8 cu Ft. large capacity oven lets you cook many dishes at once. The huge interior can easily accommodate a big roast, multiple casserole dishes or many racks of cookies. Two oven racks allow you to prepare enough food for big gatherings.

Enjoy versatile cooking with a removable stovetop griddle that lets you Cook a variety of breakfast foods or grilled sandwiches simultaneously.

Cook quicker with 56k BTU and enjoy the flexibility to cook on 5 specialized leftovers simultaneously. For added convenience, the oval burner may be used for oversized pots and pans.

Grate marks indicate optimal pot placement for the very best cooking performance.


  • Convection – Faster, More Even Cooking
  • 5.8 cu. Ft. Capacity – Lets You Prepare Multiple Dishes at After
  • Stovetop Griddle – Versatile Cooking with the Removable Stovetop Griddle
  • Adaptive Cooktop – Cook More, Faster about 5 Specialized Burners Simultaneously


Integrated Dishwasher – DW80K7050UG – $899

ntegrated Dishwasher - DW80K7050UG
ntegrated Dishwasher – DW80K7050UG


  • Adjustable Upper Rack
  • Cutlery Rack
  • StormWash System
  • FlexLoad Racking System
  • Autorelease Door
  • Digital Leak Sensor
  • 44 dBA Sound Level
  • Energy Star Rated


French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator – RF22K9581SG – $3,699

French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator - RF22K9581SG
French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator – RF22K9581SG

22 cu. ft. Counter Depth 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub



  • Built-in cameras for food management
  • Calendars, notes and picture sharing


Over-the-Range Microwave – ME21H706MQG – $379

Over-the-Range Microwave - ME21H706MQG
Over-the-Range Microwave – ME21H706MQG

This stainless steel over-the-range microwave simplifies the art of microwaving. It features smart preset cooking preferences, a detector mode that manages heat level and time for optimum cooking, and also ceramic enamel inside designed for simple cleaning. It even features an energy-efficient LED bulb to light your cooktop beneath without adding additional heat.

Our ceramic enamel inside is scratch resistant and easy to wash. This Engineered ceramic enamel interior gives a polished surface that’s easy to keep. Effortlessly remove oil or grease from surfaces and protect against scratches which occur from daily use.

See things more clearly on the newest Samsung over-the-range. With a large LED display, timing and settings are clearly observable for increased cooking convenience. The digital screen’s striking ice blue color provides a fashionable accent to enhance any kitchen interior.

A variety of preset cooking options puts handy meals with fresh Ingredients at your fingertips. Choose from various pre cooked cook modes on this Samsung over-the-range microwave for brilliantly cooked homemade dishes – from legumes to brown rice, boneless poultry to salmon fillets – that are healthly and filled with flavor.

As recorded, this Samsung bundle currently qualifies for $950.00 in mail-in rebates.




KitchenAid is part of the largest Appliance family on the world, Whirlpool. Founded as among their premier brands, KitchenAid has always been and continues to be an extremely reliable manufacturer with quite commendable service rates.

Originally, KitchenAid was known for manufacturing good dishwashers. This still holds true now, as they’re recognized as one of the greatest makers of dishwashers made in the United States. For kitchen suites, they offer you a range of choices much improved since their new product launching of this past year. KitchenAid is made in the United States.


KitchenAid 4-piece Kitchen Package:

Gas Range – KFGG500EBS – $1,259

Gas Range - KFGG500EBS
Gas Range – KFGG500EBS


Even-Heat(TM) True Convection

  • 5.8 Cu. Ft. Oven Capacity
  • Professionally-Inspired Design
  • 5 Burners (5k, 8k, 9.5k, 15k and 18k)
  • EasyConvect(TM) Growing Procedure
  • Aqualift(R)
  • Storage Drawer
  • Hidden Bake


Integrated Dishwasher – KDTE104EBS – $899

Integrated Dishwasher - KDTE104EBS
Integrated Dishwasher – KDTE104EBS

This intuitive top control dishwasher features the ProWash Cycle, which Determines the perfect cycle based on load size and soil level and then makes Real-time adjustments to achieve the best cleaning operation. The durable Stainless Steel Construction combines quality craftsmanship with attractiveness;

Resists Streaks, stains, and odors while retaining heat. The Heat Dry Option, delivers Better drying using a recessed heating element.


  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Professionally-Inspired Design
  • Heat Dry Choice
  • Fold-Down Tines in the Lower Rack
  • Filter According Wash System
  • Sani Rinse(R) Choice
  • Express Wash
  • Concealed Controls

French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator – KRFC302EBS – $3,059

French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator KRFC302EBS
French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator KRFC302EBS

This 72-inch refrigerator is three inches taller than a standard counter-depth refrigerator. It fills the gap that can be left above several refrigerators, adding to its incorporated appeal. A pull-out freezer drawer permits you to organize frozen items on three levels. With the ExtendFresh Temperature Management System all of your components will be kept at the optimum temperature to make the most of their taste and texture.

Uses sensors in the refrigerator and freezer to make sure all of your Ingredients remain at the suitable temperature for optimal taste and texture.

A daring blend of professionally-inspired styling and sleek touches for your home. This refrigerator features Satin Textured Handles with iconic KitchenAid Brand Medallions plus a gorgeous chrome frame.

Absorbs ethylene gas emitted by many fruits and vegetables, causing them By eliminating ethylene, the Create Preserver helps expand freshness.

When selected, automatically corrects the temperature in the fridge and freezer to the lowest setting when appropriate. This keeps the fridge at the ideal temperature when loading markets, the doors are frequently opened or at high room temperatures.


  • ExtendFresh(TM) Temperature Management System
  • Professionally-Inspired Design
  • Create Preserver
  • Humidity-Controlled Crispers
  • FreshChill(TM) Temperature-Controlled Full-Width Pantry
  • Pull-Out Tri-Level Freezer Drawer
  • SatinGlide(R) System
  • LED Lighting
  • Star-K Licensed
  • Automatic Ice Maker
  • Max Cool
  • Metallic Accents on Shelf Trim
  • Metal Wine Rack


Over-the-Range Microwave – KMHS120EBS – $579

Over-the-Range Microwave - KMHS120EBS
Over-the-Range Microwave – KMHS120EBS


  • Sensor Functions
  • Cookshield Finish
  • Professionally-Inspired Design including Manage, Badge, Graphics
  • 1000 Watts Power
  • 2.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Sensor Steam/Simmer Cook Cycle
  • Stoppable Turntable
  • Keep Warm Function
  • As listed, this KitchenAid Package now qualifies for $400.00 in mail-in rebates.




Comparatively, these two brands are similar in many ways. And their appliance offerings are comparatively similar. They’re recognized as respected brands in the appliance business; however, there are a number of differences.



KitchenAid has always been well known for producing solid refrigeration. With, Samsung, they too are famous in the refrigeration class but their refrigeration provides some distinctive differences that KitchenAid does not.

They provide Twin Cooling Systems, Which will condition the atmosphere being moved into the refrigerator from the Freezer, allowing for better food preservation in that compartment. They now Offer a 4-door fridge with Family Hub Wi-Fi LCD Touchscreen, built-in cameras, and a 5 fever FlexZone Compartment.



For dishwashers, the KitchenAid With no doubt is the better of the two. It’s proven but the Samsung brand new System is not as of yet.



For the ranges and microwaves, I would consider this to be fairly even in comparison. But on the higher end, KitchenAid has the largest inside, but Samsung has more technical features like the Flex Duo to cook two items in the same oven. In induction, they possess the VirtualFlame or blue LEDs to indicate it’s on. Concerning these bundles, KitchenAid will be larger.

As far as the black stainless steel end, the Samsung provides more of a shiny finish with theirs whereas the KitchenAid is more dull and subdued.


So Which Can You Buy?

For eye appeal, the Samsung Fridge is exceptional. The Family Hub is an excellent piece of technology whereas the KitchenAid is fairly basic. KitchenAid has a more functional dishwasher and cooker.

They are both reliable. However, whenever you have a problem (and you may) KitchenAid has improved infrastructure and support.

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