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Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives 2-Stage Diamond Coated Wheel System Sharpens Dull Knives Quickly Safe and Easy to Use


STYLISH, ERGONOMIC DESIGN AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. With its 2-stage sharpening system, you can polish your blades to razor-sharpness. This product is also designed for comfort. The non-slip cushion at its bottom offers a more vibrator base while its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable, easy grip. It’s the perfect complement in most kitchens!

SAFE, VERSATILE, AND EASY-TO-USE. This product is easy to use. Simply position the dull blade on the sharpening slot and enjoy razor-sharpness in just seconds. It’s also safe to use and works for all types of blades, including high-quality, “hard” steel blades.

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PriorityChef Diamond Coated Knife Sharpener For Straight and Serrated Knives

Knife Sharpener Priority Chef

At PriorityChef, we don’t believe that you have to be a professional chef to use the best-made tools. You want to make dinner quickly, easily, and safely and you need the proper kitchen implements to do that.

After years of chopping with dull-edged knives and chucking more than a few in the trash prematurely, we decided that something needed to change. Good knives don’t come cheap and most of us can’t afford to buy a new collection every couple of years––and why should we? That’s why knife sharpeners exist.

Except that many of them don’t actually perform very well. Some are prone to rusting. Others provide only straight sharpening action, leaving your blade only slightly than it was before.

PriorityChef Diamond-Coated Professional Knife Sharpening System

What makes our knife sharpener one of the most innovative kitchen tools you’ll ever own? First, and unlike other knife sharpeners, it has a two-slot system that both files and polishes all blade sizes and types. This means you can use it for every knife you own. It maintains the sharpness of your knives for much longer than your average sharpener.

How Does it Work?

Step One: The first slot houses a diamond-coated wheel to shape the angle of the knife’s blade. Pull your straight knives through approximately 10 times.

Step Two: The second ceramic honing wheel polishes your knife revealing a smooth, clean blade from spine to edge. Pull your straight and serrated knives through approximately 10 times.

Your Most Effective and Useful Kitchen Tool From Our Family to Yours

We have experience with our product. In fact, we designed it specifically to meet our demands for a better quality knife sharpener and to end the frustration of cutting with lifeless blades. We feel that everyone should have access to kitchen tools that are of professional quality but are also simple and safe to use.

Diamond and Ceramic Dual-Sharpening Power

Diamond knife sharpener

Diamond is the preferred material for sharpening knives because it can cut even the hardest metals. It withstands the repetitive force and contact of a knife blade better than any other sharpening stone.

Simply pull the knife’s blade from base to tip through the diamond-coated wheel, perfectly angled to sharpen it to a crisp, even edge.

High-quality ceramic polishes the blade, leaving it smooth, clean, and honed for slicing.

This innovatively designed and engineered sharpening system is a cut above the traditional V sharpener and designed for all types of knives, fr

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