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Kenmore 28132 5.3 cu. ft. Top Load Washer in White, includes delivery and hookup (Available in select cities only)

$913.05 (as of March 14, 2018, 6:00 pm) $649.99 Save 29%

This kenmore 28132 High-efficiency top-loader washing machine has
• Auto temp. control
• Auto detergent dispenser
• Auto fabric softener dispenser
• End of cycle signal
• Rotary dial
• Stainless-steel tub
• Manufacturer recommends low-sudsing detergent.
• Comes with a 1 year warranty.

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Laundry day is a snap with the kenmore 28132 5.3 Cubic Foot Top Load Washer. From a sleek modern design to powerful cleaning technology, this kenmore 28132 washing machine is perfect for busy families with a ton of laundry to do. Toss in a huge hamper of clothes, a small pile of delicates, or that bulky load of towels. This washer can handle almost any sized load with ease. Tackle laundry with this chic kenmore 28132 top load washer and spend the rest of your day doing what you enjoy.
Only available in select cities. Item includes room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up (including required parts) and free optional haul-away at checkout
Triple Action Impeller uses a 3-part wash motion to make easy work out of tough laundry. StainBoost option takes the tough work out of tough stains with an extended wash time and gentle care.
Fabric softener dispenser
The Deep Fill option automatically adjusts the water levels depending on load size, optimizing water usage
Direct drive motor
Item dimensions are length 27.9 by width 27.5 by height 38.0 inches. Measure the available space to ensure the item will fit.

The Kenmore 28132 is part of the Washing machine test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Top-load HE washer models like the 28132 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Washing performance: This reflects the degree of color change to swatches of fabric that were included in an 8-pound test load of mixed cotton items using the machines’ most aggressive normal cycle. (We do not use special cycle or option buttons.)

Energy efficiency: This score is based on the energy needed to heat the water for 8-pound loads using a warm wash and cold rinse. We consider both gas and electric water heaters, and include electricity needed to run the washer and energy needed for drying. Washers that extract more water are scored higher.

Water efficiency: This score denotes how much water it took to wash our 8-pound load. On models that didn’t set the fill level automatically, we used the lowest fill setting that sufficed for the 8-pound load. We then calculated water used per pound of clothing.

kenmore 28132 Features & Specs
Stainless-steel tub Yes
Auto temp. control Yes
Auto bleach dispenser Yes
Auto detergent dispenser Yes
Auto fabric softener dispenser Yes
Extra rinse cycle Yes
End of cycle signal Yes
Steam option No
kenmore 28132 Energy Star Yes
kenmore 28132 Dimensions (in.) 43 x 27 x 28
kenmore 28132 Warranty 1 year
Water levels Auto
Requires HE detergent Yes

As a standard top-load washing-machine, the Kenmore 28132 28132 comes out in front on most of its competitors. It comprises two wash cycles, four soil degrees and five wash-and-rinse temperature settings. It has several wash options, including Stain Boost that gives lengthy wash time and energy to clothes with tough stains while being gentle on fabrics. The matching drier has a huge capacity of 8.8 cubic feet and is intended to dry big loads of laundry without balling and tangling.
It’s a nice-sized 5.3-cubic-foot drum which could take lots of laundry, so it’s possible to conserve water by cutting back on how many loads that you have todo. This Kenmore 28132 top-loader unit uses roughly 195 kilowatt hours of energy each year, which equates to $31 annually.
Such as the Kenmore 28132 Elite show version, this top-load washing-machine utilizes innovative technology which uses powerful spray jets and impeller motion which may keep your clothing moving because it cleans to eliminate deep dirt. It also includes a direct drive engine to cut back noisy vibrations.
This washer has 10 cycles, including a lot that you’d expect on a washing machine like this, for example as normal, whites, delicates, heavy duty and state. You might also choose to execute a deep wash, which deposits more water into the washtub whenever you want that extra drinking water. Though there are few specialty bicycles, you get the clean-washer cycle, that will help to keep your washtub absolutely free of soap scum and any odor-causing bacteria.
In terms of options with this washer, there is really a prewash choice. You can pre-soak your laundry and choose 1 rinse or even two. There is additionally a deep fill alternative for bulky or large loads.
Compared to a number of the finest top-load washers within this particular list, this Kenmore 28132 washer does not pile up when it comes to warranties. You receive yourself a normal limited one-piece guarantee that covers the whole unit, though other washers — mostly the high efficiency washers in our lineup — comprise different warranties for that engine and wash drum. Kenmore 28132 makes it easy to contact support if you have a query, though. You can call, email or speak with a customer care representative via livechat on the site. Additionally, on the company’s website are FAQs along with the user manual.
The smaller washtub with this Kenmore 28132 automatic washer means you may be doing more laundry lots than you want, but this top-load washer is significantly more economical than others in the conventional washer category. You receive tons of basic scrub cycles, but this unit is lacking specialty wash options.

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