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GSA9240 Jumbo Salad Spinner Manual Lettuce Dryer With Crank Handle & Locking Lid BPA Free and Top Rack Dishwasher Safe


  • ASY MANUAL OPERATION – Convenient Crank Style Rotary Handle Lets You Turn Spinner Basket; Comfortably Designed for Both Right & Left Handed Users
  • EXTRA LARGE BOWL – Device Features Clear Multipurpose Container for Spinning, Tossing & Serving Salad; Basin is Comprised of Dishwasher Safe BPA Free Material

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Multifunctional BasinThe unit’s base bowl provides ample room for loading up multiple servings of lettuce, spinach, cabbage, and beyond. Go from the countertop to the kitchen table without pause, or cover it up for easy fridge storage.

Built-in Drainage SystemOur unique spinner integrates a small hole where you can pour in cold water straight from the faucet. Once you’ve washed your greens to cool, crispy perfection, use the spout to drain water for drying.

Environmentally FriendlyUnlike other industrial and commercial models, this home kitchen best seller proudly boasts BPA free materials that are both food grade and durable. The parts also disassemble for simple cleaning and storage.

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