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Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit Simplified Fermenting In Jars Not Crock Pots! Make Sauerkraut Kimchi Pickles Or Any Fermented Probiotic Foods


  • THESE LIDS MAKE FERMENTATION EASY: Easy Fermenter lids let gas escape, but keep mold and bacteria out. You’ll never have to burp your jars or deal with messy water airlocks. The built in date dial means you’ll always get the timing right, and the pull tabs help you open the jar. It’s so simple.
  • ★AND THEY’RE EASY TO CLEAN TOO: You can easily separate every part of the jar for cleaning, to prevent mold or bacteria building up in the seal or under the date dial. You can always ferment with confidence that your equipment is totally clean. And of course, it’s all food safe and BPA free.

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The Original High Quality Fermenting Lids That Make Fermentation Easy!

Home made fermented vegetables contain more probiotics than any supplement ever could, and they are so much more delicious than fermented vegetables you can buy from the supermarket. But the process can be intimidating if you’ve never fermented before.

We’ve been fermenting for years, so we’ve tried every solution that’s out there. We tried burping the mason jars occasionally, but that can let mold, bacteria and oxygen in. We tried the old fashioned German style crocks, but they have a water seal that can be really messy. We knew there must be a better way. So we invented it. We call it the Easy Fermenter.

Of course fermentation isn’t just about having the right equipment. You also need the right knowledge. So you’ll get a bonus lifetime membership to our Fermenting Club to help guide you all the way. You’ll never have to ferment alone.

What Makes The Original Easy Fermenter The Easiest And Best Fermentation System Available Today?

Fermenting Kit

Each Easy Fermenter lid has a waterless airlock valve that lets carbon dioxide out, but stops oxygen, mold and bacteria from getting in. It’s manufactured to a much higher standard than the valve our competitors use. We also have a thicker gasket to prevent air leaks, and the entire lid is constructed from a much higher quality, stiffer plastic. That means it’s easier to remove, and it will also last much longer.

Only the Easy Fermenter gives you a 100% perfect seal, each and every time. That means you can literally just “set it and forget it”. It couldn’t be easier. We’ve even included an oxygen extractor. That means you can taste test your ferment without disturbing the anaerobic environment or risking contamination with mold.

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